About GAR

Established in 1982, GAR is a Hyderabad-based developer and owner of tech-enabled urban spaces. With the singular focus of creating world-class commercial office parks, every property under the GAR banner is executed with the highest standards of excellence.

GAR’s innovative and highly efficient approach to property development, ownership and operation have solidified our status as one of the preeminent office park owners in Hyderabad. Our professional management practices have allowed the company to grow from strength to strength since its inception, regardless of prevailing market conditions.

GAR Corporation has one of the industry’s most stable and diverse client base with tenants ranging from IT, ITes, telecom, e-commerce, Healthcare, Retail, Government, Pharmaceuticals, Banking etc.

This diverse clientele has enabled Gar Corp to grow at a consistently healthy pace over the years.

GAR has the unique distinction of singular ownership of its properties, which allows us to ensure the highest standards of property management. Our unyielding standards have led to us being the preferred destination for Fortune 500 companies.

Our integrated approach towards property management enhances the corporate productivity of tenants. All GAR facilities are created to last through market cycles with a long term vision.